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ESS Eyewear Recommended for Standard Issue by US Air Force

May 30, 2006  |  ESS UPDATES
ESS Eyewear Recommended for Standard Issue by US Air Force

Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

The US Air Force Headquarters introduced the Air Force Ballistic Eyewear Program this month, and published the Air Force Protective Eyewear List (AFPEL) along with recommendations for standard issue goggles and spectacles for all deploying Air Force personnel.  Under the guidance for the Ballistic Eyewear Program, qualified AFPEL goggles and/or spectacles are to be unit-issued for all deploying Air Force personnel, and approved ballistic eyewear must be worn in the Area of Operations as directed by the respective Combatant Commander.

The Optometry Services Guide to the Air Force Ballistic Eyewear Program states that units are advised that the ESS Profile NVG™ goggles and ESS ICE-2™ spectacles are recommended for standard issue, "due to their proven performance and the availability of a prescriptive optical insert carrier that is compatible with both spectacles and goggles." The referenced optical insert carrier is the ESS P-2B™ model.

ESS president John Dondero commented: "ESS is highly supportive of the safety initiative behind the Air Force's new ballistic eyewear program, and we are especially honored to have our products recommended for issue to deploying Air Force personnel."

The ESS eyewear products that have been recommended for issue in the May 2006 Air Force Ballistic Eyewear Program Guidance are available through the national stock system, and can be ordered using the following National Stock Numbers (NSNs):


  • ESS Profile NVG   (Foliage Green Kit)   Model #EP01FG1-MSB   NSN: 4240-01-540-5585
  • ESS Profile NVG   (Desert Tan Kit)   Model #EP01DT1-MSB   NSN: 4240-01-504-5727
  • ESS Profile NVG   (Black Kit)   Model #EP01BK1-TSB   NSN: 4240-01-504-6222


  • ESS ICE-2   (Black / Regular Fit)   Model #ESSICE-2   NSN: 4240-01-525-5085 
  • ESS ICE-2 NARO   (Black / Small Fit)   Model #ESSICE-2N   NSN: 4240-01-537-6143

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"Dear ESS, On deployment in 2012, my vehicle was struck with an IED while performing route clearance in Afghanistan. The IED flipped my vehicle, knocking me unconscious and launching my rifle into my face. My cheek, nose, and eye socket were shattered from the impact, but my eye was saved from the ESS Crossbow I was wearing. When I put a pair of Crossbows back on, you can clearly see where I would have lost my eye if I wasn't wearing them." SSG Pronzati