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ESS Shooting Sports Video Series #1

October 9, 2012  |  ESS UPDATES
ESS Shooting Sports Video Series #1

2012 has been a busy year for ESS in the shooting sports.  Kicking-off the year with our annual trek to SHOT Show, we've seen rapidly increasing demand for ESS ballistic eye pro, trusted by shooters of all disciplines, and in all locales.  The low-profile, wide-wrap design of the 5B sunglass, our new ANSI-Z87.1 2010 rated polarized lens options, and the industry-first Suppressor hearing pro & comms optimized frame have all been hot items, as seen on the range and on the podium.

Commemorating our adoption by the shooting sports community and as a fun forward-step in working together with civilian as well as military shooters, ESS is proud to announce the release of its new video series, Boomershoot!

Filmed at the near-legendary, totally-incendiary shooting event in northern Idaho, ESS shooter, U.S. National Rifle Team (Palma Division) member, and “30 Cal Gal” Anette Wachter together with friend Shelley Rae (Western Shooting Journal /gun blogger) were among the many in attendance.  In this exclusive video series, Annette and Shelley demonstrate their passion for shooting while having an explosive time, and in doing illustrate quite nicely that ESS eye pro fits women as well as it fits men. 

Video installments in this series will show high-powered guns in action, exploding targets, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. The series will be hosted on the ESS webpage via the NEWS Tab (then click on ESS Videos).  Or, view on the ESS YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/esseyepro.

Click below to watch the first video!




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"Dear ESS, On deployment in 2012, my vehicle was struck with an IED while performing route clearance in Afghanistan. The IED flipped my vehicle, knocking me unconscious and launching my rifle into my face. My cheek, nose, and eye socket were shattered from the impact, but my eye was saved from the ESS Crossbow I was wearing. When I put a pair of Crossbows back on, you can clearly see where I would have lost my eye if I wasn't wearing them." SSG Pronzati