Gould Brothers

January 17, 2015  |  SPONSORED ATHLETES
Gould BrothersGould Brothers

First ever professional brother exhibition shooting act.


Steve Gould: 


Steve's story is a little different than most professional shooters. Steve didn't grow up shooting or hunting. In-fact, it wasn't until he became a christian in college when his passion for shooting and hunting began. After that point every possible opportunity was spent in the field or on the range. Through hard work and determination Steve has risen to his current level of professional shooting. Steve says "My story goes to show that even if you didn't grow up hunting and shooting it's not too late to start. Many kids are growing up without the opportunities to hunt or shoot. When they aren't exposed to the hunting or shooting sports they never become interested and slowly our heritage fades. One of our goals it to spark that interest in kids and adults to help ensure that our hunting and shooting heritage continues.


Aaron Gould:


Aaron developed a love for the outdoors and shooting sports at a young age from an uncle who would take him on walks in the woods and shooting on the family farm. It was squirrel hunting where Aaron first started to learn his skills as a marksmen and outdoorsman. As time progressed he learned how to shoot and hunt with compound bows, muzzle loaders, and of course, shotguns. The time he has spent with family and friends afield and at the range is special. Aaron says "I work and shoot with my brother every week; you cannot put a price tag on an opportunity like that."




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