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Reanna Kadic

January 16, 2015  |  SPONSORED ATHLETES
Reanna Kadic

I'm a 16 year old junior lady shooter from the Lone Star State.  I'm an avid huntress, 3 gun competitor, gun enthusiast and proud member of NRA.  I began working with firearms at the age of 8 under the tutelage of my father.  I would participate in and accompany my dad on hunting excursions and eventually to the gun range and to local 3 gun, Fallen Steel, USPSA and Steel Challenge competitions.  I have been competitively shooting for only a year and a half and I realized that I had a real love for the sport.  As my abilities in the sport grew so did my love for firearms and competition.  I love the comradery that the sport of the 3 gun offers and friendships that I have gained with fellow shooters.  This past year I have had the opportunity to attend national, regional and multiple club level competitions.  I'm currently a sophomore in high school and a varsity cheer leader.  In my limited free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends,  keeping up with my social media sights and playing in the great outdoors fishing and hunting.  I feel very fortunate and grateful for a fantastic group of people who are supporting me and made this journey possible.

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"Dear ESS, On deployment in 2012, my vehicle was struck with an IED while performing route clearance in Afghanistan. The IED flipped my vehicle, knocking me unconscious and launching my rifle into my face. My cheek, nose, and eye socket were shattered from the impact, but my eye was saved from the ESS Crossbow I was wearing. When I put a pair of Crossbows back on, you can clearly see where I would have lost my eye if I wasn't wearing them." SSG Pronzati