Updated: ESS Headquarters Re-Opened After Wildfire Evacuations

August 22, 2013  |  ESS UPDATES
Updated: ESS Headquarters Re-Opened After Wildfire Evacuations

Aug 22 Update: ESS Headquarters Has Re-opened!  

With over 110,000 acres burned, the Beaver Creek Fire is now 47% contained. Though over 500 residents are still under mandatory evacuation orders and 1,721 firefighters are still battling the blaze, the ESS office is back in action and catching up from a wild week that has further solidified our appreciation for the demanding and dangerous work that our nation's firefighters undertake to keep us safe.

Thank You Firefighters!


Aug 16: ESS Office Currently Closed Due to Wildfire Evacuations

ESS headquarters is currently closed due to wildfire evacuations in the Ketchum/Sun Valley area.  The Beaver Creek Fire threatening the home town of ESS is currently the #1 wildfire priority in the nation, and has burned well over 100,000 acres.

ESS thanks you for your patience, as order entry and customer service will be delayed until we're able to resume business as usual.

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ESS Releases New Rollbar Sunglass

July 8, 2013  |  ESS UPDATES
ESS Releases New Rollbar Sunglass


Featuring Rollbar Lens Gate™ for Rapid Lens Exchange

Sun Valley, Idaho USA -- July 8, 2013

ESS (Eye Safety Systems) today announced the release of its new Rollbar™ ballistic sunglass with interchangeable lenses.  The aggressively styled Rollbar™ delivers advancements in fit, form, and function by providing users with quicker lens exchanges, enhanced lens retention, and improved integration with headborne devices.  The result is Made in USA eye protection that is built to excel in extreme tactical conditions, but perfectly suited for shooting sports or other recreational activities.

Rollbar™ sunglasses come standard with two sets of interchangeable, high-impact polycarbonate lenses: Smoke Gray lenses for daytime use, and Clear lenses for indoor or nighttime wear.  The rapid lens exchange is accomplished via the auto-locking Rollbar Lens Gate™, an easy-to-use mechanism designed to expedite lens swapping and ensure superior lens retention under impact.  The Rollbar’s wide peripheral vision and distortion-free lenses help ensure maximum performance with minimal eye strain.  A streamlined ergonomic fit provides superior comfort and optimal compatibility with hats, helmets, hearing protection, and communications devices.

“Like its predecessors, the battle-proven CDI and CDI MAX, the Rollbar provides the protection and rapid adaptability critical for use in hostile environments,” noted Brian Ross, ESS General Manager. “This is full-fledged military eye pro, wrapped in a modern sport sunglass.”

A range of accessory lens colors will soon be available, making this sunglass adaptable to any light condition.  The Rollbar™ can be worn by a wide range of users, accommodating anyone with medium to extra-large fit requirements.  As with all ballistic eye pro purchased from ESS’ secure shopping site,, the Rollbar™ is backed a 30-Day Try-on-for-Fit Guarantee, a Five-Year Warranty, and the industry’s only Lens Contingency Program™.

Rollbar™ sunglasses are compliant with U.S. MIL-PRF-31013 (Clause, ANSI Z87.1-2010, and U.S. Federal OSHA.  All Rollbar™ lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Clear here to meet the ESS Rollbar™.

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Credence Sunglasses Now Shipping

June 18, 2013  |  ESS UPDATES
Credence Sunglasses Now Shipping

The new ESS Credence™ sunglasses are now available for purchase!

With 2.2mm high-impact Polycarbonate lenses, these high-impact sunglasses exceed ANSI Z87.1-2010 and U.S. MIL SPEC standards.

The extra-thin temple arms fit comfortably under comms gear, hearing pro, helmets and hats, all while providing reinforced side coverage and extra-wide peripheral vision.

This medium-to-large fitting sunglass is fantastic for use on the range, on duty, or at play.  

Currently available in three lens/frame combinations, all proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Click here to get your hands on the ESS Credence™.

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40 Fire Helmets & 40 Fire Goggles to be Donated to a Deserving Fire Department

February 8, 2013  |  ESS UPDATES
40 Fire Helmets & 40 Fire Goggles to be Donated to a Deserving Fire Department

ESS Eye Pro Partners With Phenix Fire Helmets & The National Firefighters Endowment To Gift Vital Safety Equipment 

In association with the National Firefighters Endowment, ESS Eye Pro is giving away 40 new NFPA-1971 compliant FirePro 1971™ firefighter goggles to a fire department in need. Based on the Profile NVG™, the world’s #1-selling military goggle, the all-new, NFPA compliant FirePro 1971™ goggles will be paired with 40 Phenix fire helmets and then donated to one deserving U.S. fire department.

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ESS Releases New Credence High-Impact Sunglass

January 14, 2013  |  ESS UPDATES
ESS Releases New Credence High-Impact Sunglass

January 14th, 2013 -- Sun Valley, ID USA 

ESS (Eye Safety Systems) today announced the release of its new Credence™ high-impact sunglass. The military eyewear manufacturer’s latest eye pro offers an exceptional balance of form and function – vital traits in eyewear engineered for use by military and public safety professionals.  As the latest in a growing line of ESS MIL-SPEC sunglasses, the Credence™ provides exceptional and stylish protection, distortion-free optics, all-day comfort and optimal compatibility with helmets, hats, hearing protection and comms devices.

With fifteen years of experience as a leader in military eye protection, ESS knows eye safety.  ESS sunglasses are designed to the highest levels of protection and durability to support peak performance for any wearer without compromising style or comfort.  Hundreds of thousands of military personnel and first responders worldwide have trusted their vision to ESS.

“Though Credence was made with larger individuals in mind, it can be a go-to choice for medium-sized users as well,” said Brian Ross, ESS General Manager. “Whether you need a larger sunglass, prefer the added coverage of extra lens-wrap, or just like the bold looks of a larger frame, the Credence will deliver the performance and protection ESS users have come to expect.” 

Select models of the new Credence™ include glare-reducing, premium polarized lenses rated to exceed ANSI Z87.1-2010 impact standards.  Credence™ frame colors come in matte black or matte gray with three available lens colors: Polarized Mirrored Gray, Mirrored Copper and Smoke Gray.  For those who require prescription eyewear, Credence™ high-impact polycarbonate Rx lenses will be available this summer.  

Credence™ sunglasses are compliant with U.S. MIL-PRF-31013 (Clause, ANSI Z87.1-2010, and U.S. Federal OSHA. Polarized Credence™ sunglasses are compliant with ANSI Z87.1+ 2010 and U.S. Federal OSHA. All Credence™ lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Credence™ sunglasses will begin shipping in March; preorders can be taken by ESS dealers or direct from ESS.

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