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ESS UpdatesCrossbow Eyeshields Now Built with Transitions Light Adapting LensesESS Partners with Hunting for HeroesESS Sponsors Rockhill Racing Off-Road CarOn Target ReviewESS TO PROVIDE CORRECTIVE LENS FABRICATION SERVICE FOR AVON PROTECTION SYSTEMSUpdated: ESS Headquarters Re-Opened After Wildfire EvacuationsESS Releases New Rollbar SunglassCredence Sunglasses Now Shipping40 Fire Helmets & 40 Fire Goggles to be Donated to a Deserving Fire DepartmentESS Releases New Credence High-Impact SunglassESS Shooting Sports Video Series #2ESS Shooting Sports Video Series #1ESS Sponsors Wounded Vet in Paracycling Mtn. Bike EventESS Launches World's First Cross-Compatible Eye Protection PlatformESS Featured in Idaho Business QuarterlyESS Shooter Dave Cloft Breaks 4 National RecordsESS Releases New 5B Ballistic SunglassESS Launches 'Remember 9.11' CharityAll U.S. Marines to be Outfitted with New ESS Crossbow Ballistic SpectaclesESS U.S. DoD Direct Contract AnnouncedCrossbow Polarized Lenses Now AvailableESS' 2011 SHOT Show RecapMake An IMPACT: 1300New Shooters join ESS sponsored ranksESS Launches Make an IMPACT ProgramESS Redesigns Popular CDI SunglassESS Military Grade Eyewear Not Just for BattleESS Awarded Contract with French National PoliceESS Introduces Crossbow Suppressor EyeshieldMilitary Times ESS Crossbow Suppressor Sneak PeakU.S. Army Authorizes ESS Crossbow™ SpectaclesESS Introduces Crossbow 3LS EyeshieldESS Introducecs Crossbow 2x EyeshieldsESS Introduces Low-Profile Firepro GogglesESS Announces Eyes and Ears Co-op With Pro EarsESS Announces Official Entry into Airsoft MarketESS Launches New LogoESS Introduces Profile NVG™ Goggles with OpFoam™ Face PaddingRetired Command Sergeant Major William Joseph Gainey Joins ESS' Corporate Advisory PanelESS Introduces Asian-Fit Goggle SeriesESS Awarded Major Singapore Armed Forces ContractESS Awarded Major Irish Defence Force ContractEye Safety Systems, Inc. To Be Acquired by Oakley, Inc.ESS Introduces ICE NARO™ EyeshieldESS Eyewear Recommended for Standard Issue by US Air ForceESS Sponsors Australian SOF Veteran's Climb to Everest SummitESS Offers Rx Lens Filling ServiceESS Announces the Addition of Two Regional Directors with Distinguished Military Service BackgroundsESS Awarded 2nd Major UK ContractESS Creates Rx Insert Lenses for its CDI™ SunglassesESS P-2B™ Rx Lens Insert ApprovedESS Selected as Sole Goggle Awardee for the US DOD Combat Eye Protection SolicitationBritish MOD Awards Eyewear Contract to ESSESS VideosESS in HollywoodESS Featured in 'Lone Survivor'ESS Featured in 'Captain Phillips'ESS Featured in 'Pacific Rim'ESS Featured in 'World War Z'ESS Featured in 'Iron Man 3'ESS Featured in 'The Expendables II'ESS Featured in 'Act of Valor'ESS Featured in 'Haywire'ESS Featured in Transformers 3: Dark of the MoonESS Featured in Battle Los AngelesESS Featured in RedESS Featured in The TownESS Featured in The ExpendablesESS Featured in RestrepoESS Featured in Men Who Stare at GoatsESS Featured in SurrogatesESS Featured in Transformers 2: Revenge of the FallenESS Featured in The Hurt LockerESS Featured in Terminator 4: SalvationESS Featured in Body of LiesESS Featured in Stop LossESS Featured in Lions for LambsESS Featured in TransformersESS Featured in Delta FarceESS Featured in NextESS Featured in The Hills Have Eyes 2ESS Featured in Wild HogsESS Featured in Home of the BraveESS on FacebookESS in the NewsESS announces the addition of Deputy Director, National Guard & Reserve: Brunk ConleySponsored AthletesJennifer BlakeGould BrothersJim WebsterGlen WongReanna KadicJames CasanovaChris CerinoJake DegensheinMichelle CerinoColton CerinoJoseph PithaWill BlevinsColt HatcherKimber DunnGabrielle PitreLee County Sheriffs Office Field Force TeamSponsored EventsNRA LE Division Competitions

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SunglassesCrowbar SeriesCrowbar Terrain TanCrowbar TacticalCrowbar Subdued LogoCrowbar Silver LogoCrowbar PolarizedRollbar SeriesRollbar Silver LogoRollbar Subdued LogoRollbar Terrain TanRollbar TacticalRollbar PolarizedESS-GIVES-BACKCrowbar USA Flag PolarizedRollbar Subdued Flag PolarizedCrowbar Subdued Flag PolarizedRollbar USA Flag PolarizedCDI SeriesCDI Terrain TanCDICDI PolarizedCDI TacticalCDI MAXCDI MAX (Terrain Tan)CDI MAX (Black)5B Series5B Reaper Woods Mirrored Copper5B Terrain Tan w/ Smoke Gray Lenses5B (Black Frame Polarized Mirrored Gray Lenses)5B (Black Frame Smoke Gray Lenses)5B (Black Frame Mirrored Copper Lenses)5B (Gray Frame Mirrored Gray Lenses)Credence SeriesCredence Terrain Tan w/ Smoke Gray LensesCredence (Black Frame Mirrored Blue Lenses)Credence (Black Frame Smoke Gray Lenses)Credence (Black Frame Mirrored Copper Lenses)Credence (Subdued Black Frame Smoke Lenses)Credence (Gray Frame Mirrored Copper Lenses)EyeshieldsCrossbladeCrossblade 2X KitCrossblade 2X NARO KitCrossblade Unit Issue KitCrossblade NARO Unit Issue KitCrossblade Deluxe KitCrossblade 2x+ KitCrossblade 3LS KitCrossblade ONECross-SeriesCrossbow- Crossbow 2X Kit- Crossbow 3LS Kit- Crossbow ONE- Crossbow Photochromic- Crossbow Polar ONE- Crossbow GasketSuppressor- Suppressor 2X Kit: Clear & Smoke Gray- Suppressor 2X+ Kit: Clear, Copper & Gray- Crossbow Suppressor ONE- Suppressor 2X Kit: Clear & Hi-Def CopperCrosshair- Crosshair 2X Kit: Clear & Smoke Gray- Crosshair ONE Kit: Clear Lens- Crosshair ONE Kit: Smoke Gray Lens- Crosshair 3LS KitICE SeriesICE Eyeshield- ICE-ONE (Clear Lens)- ICE-ONE (Smoke Gray Lens)- ICE Tactical Kit- ICE-2X Retail Kit- ICE-3LS KitICE NARO- ICE-2X NARO Retail KitCrossbow AFCrossbow AF 2LSCrossbow AF - ONECrossbow AF - ONE Terrain TanGogglesMilitary/Tactical GogglesInflux Series- Influx AVS Goggle- Influx Cold Weather Goggle- Influx AVS Goggle APEL- Influx Pivot Goggle Ops Kit- Influx Pivot Goggle- Influx Airboss GoggleProfile Series- Profile NVG- Flight Pro- Asian-Fit Profile- Profile Pivot- Profile Pivot TW (Team Wendy)Turbo Fan Series- Asian-Fit Profile TurboFan- Profile TurboFanStriker Series- Flight Deck- Asian-Fit Striker- Land Ops- Tactical XTJumpmaster Series- JumpmasterWildland Fire / RescueInflux FirePro-1977 Series- Influx FirePro-1977 FS- Influx FirePro-1977 EXStriketeam Series- Striketeam WF- Striketeam XTO- X-Tricator- Striketeam SJFirePro-1977 Series- FirePro-1977 EX- FirePro-1977 Asian-Fit- FirePro-1977 FSStructural FireFirePro-1971 Series- FirePro-1971 EX-1- FirePro-1971 EX-2- FirePro-1971 FSInnerzone Series- Innerzone 1- Innerzone 3- Innerzone 2AccessoriesGogglesInflux Series- Influx Smoke Gray Lenses- Influx Clear Lenses- Influx Hi-Def Yellow Lenses- Influx Alpenglow Lenses- Influx UPLC Rx Adapter- Influx U-Rx Adapter- Influx Pivot Strap Assembly- Influx Pivot StrapProfile Series- Profile Pivot Strap Assembly- Profile Clear Lenses- Profile Smoke Gray Lenses- Profile Hi-Def Yellow Lenses- Profile Hi-Def Bronze Lenses- Profile Laser Protective Lenses- Profile Tear-Off Lens Covers- Asian-Fit Profile Clear Lenses- Asian-Fit Profile Smoke Gray Lenses- Asian-Fit Profile Hi-Def Yellow Lenses- Profile Pivot Rail Adapter Kit- Profile UPLC Rx AdapterStriker Series- Striker Clear Lenses- Striker Smoke Gray Lenses- Striker Hi-Def Yellow Lenses- Striker Tear-Off Lens CoversFirePro-1971 Series- FirePro-1971 Nomex HeatSleeve- FirePro-1971 Clear Lens- FirePro EX-1 Mounting Brackets- FirePro-1971 FS Replacement Strap- FirePro-1971 EX Replacement Strap- FirePro EX-2 Snap-on/Snap-off BracketsInnerzone Series- Innerzone Clear Lens (NFPA Compliant)- Innerzone 1-2 Replacement Strap- Innerzone 1 Mounting Brackets- Innerzone 2 Mounting Brackets- Innerzone Nomex HeatSleeveFirePro-1977 Series- FirePro-1977 FS Replacement StrapStriketeam Series- X-Tricator Mounting BracketsJumpmaster Series- Jumpmaster Smoke Gray Lens (Black)- Jumpmaster Clear Lens (Black)- Jumpmaster Clear Lens (Terrain Tan)- Jumpmaster Smoke Gray Lens (Terrain Tan)- Jumpmaster Split StrapAirsoft Series- Cortex ClipEyeshieldsCrossblade- Crossblade Clear Lens- Crossblade NARO Clear Lens- Crossblade Smoke Gray Lens- Crossblade NARO Smoke Gray Lens- Crossblade Hi-Def Yellow Lens- Crossblade NARO Hi-Def Yellow Lens- Crossblade Hi-Def Copper Lens- Crossblade NARO Hi-Def Copper Lens- Crossblade Hi-Def Bronze Lens- Crossblade NARO Hi-Def Bronze Lens- Crossblade Replacement Frame (Black)- Crossblade Replacement Frame (Terrain Tan)Cross-SeriesICE Series- ICE Clear Lenses- ICE Hi-Def Yellow Lenses- ICE Smoke Gray Lenses- ICE Hi-Def Copper Lenses- ICE/NARO Semi-Rigid Protective Case- ICE Frame and Nosepiece KitICE NARO Series- ICE NARO Smoke Gray Lenses- ICE NARO Hi-Def Yellow Lenses- ICE NARO Hi-Def Copper Lenses- ICE NARO Frame and Nosepiece Kit- ICE NARO Clear LensesCrossbow AF- Crossbow AF Clear Lens- Crossbow AF Smoke Gray Lens- Crossbow AF Replacement Frame (Black)- Crossbow AF Replacement Frame (Terrain Tan)- Crossbow AF U-Rx Kit- Crossbow AF U-Rx nosepiece- Crossbow AF Replacement Nosepiece (Black)- Crossbow AF Replacement Nosepiece (Terrain Tan)Nospieces- High-Clearance UPLC Eyeshield Nosepiece- High-Clearance U-Rx Eyeshield Nosepiece- High-Clearance Vice Rx Eyeshield Nosepiece- Medium-Clearance Eyeshield Nosepiece- Medium-Clearance P-2B Rx Eyeshield Nosepiece- Low-Pro Eyeshield Nosepiece- Crossblade Standard Nosepiece (Black)- Crossblade Standard Nosepiece (Terrain Tan)- Crossblade NARO Nosepiece (Black)- Crossblade NARO Nosepiece (Terrain Tan)- Crossblade UPLC Rx Nosepiece (Black)- Crossblade U-Rx Nosepiece (Black)Misc.Op Drops Anti-Fog Solution & Lens CleanerGrime Reaper Microfiber Lens ClothMicrofiber Flag BagGoggle SpeedSleevesReusable NO FOG Cloths (25 Pack)Elastic Retention StrapsEyeshield Hard CaseSunglassesCrowbar Series- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Polarized Mirrored Blue- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Clear- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Hi-Def Bronze- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Smoke Gray- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Hi-Def Yellow- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Mirrored Copper- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Polarized Mirrored Gray- Crowbar Accessory Lenses: Mirrored GrayRollbar Series- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: Polarized Mirrored Blue- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: Hi-Def Bronze- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: Smoke Gray- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: Mirrored Copper- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: Mirrored Gray- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: Hi-Def Yellow- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: Polarized Mirrored Gray- Rollbar Accessory Lenses: ClearCDI Series- CDI Lenses: Polarized Mirrored Blue- CDI Replacement Frame: Desert Tan- CDI Replacement Frame: Black- CDI / CDI MAX Replacement Temple Sleeves- CDI Lenses: Clear- CDI Lenses: Hi-Def Yellow- CDI Lenses: Mirrored Silver- CDI Lenses: Smoke Gray- CDI Lenses: Mirrored Gray- CDI Lenses: Polarized Mirrored Gray- CDI Lenses: Mirrored Copper- CDI Lenses: Hi-Def BronzeCDI Max Series- CDI MAX Replacement Frame: Black- CDI / CDI MAX Replacement Temple Sleeves- CDI MAX Lenses: Clear- CDI MAX Lenses: Smoke Gray- CDI MAX Lenses: Hi-Def Yellow- CDI MAX Lenses: Hi-Def Copper- CDI MAX Lenses: Mirrored Silver- CDI MAX Lenses: Hi-Def Bronze5B Series- 5B Replacement Lenses: Polarized Mirrored Gray- 5B Replacement Lenses: Smoke Gray- 5B Replacement Lenses: Mirrored Copper- 5B Replacement Lenses: Mirrored Gray- 5B Replacement Lenses: ClearCredence Series- Credence Replacement Lenses: Mirrored Gray- Credence Replacement Lenses: Mirrored Copper- Credence Replacement Lenses: Smoke Gray- Credence Replacement Lenses: Clear


Crossblade Series






"Dear ESS:
I just wanted to say "Thanks" for a good product that served me well during my time in the Gulf, and for the excellent customer service. I will be strongly recommending your products to my Marines if/when we end up deploying again. Your gear works as promised, a nice change from most over-hyped equipment. And, your response to my inquiry about buying new lenses for my goggles was simply excellent customer care.
Thanks again," Sgt Sean Bell, USMCR