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ESS receives numerous emails and letters every week from customers happy with their ESS products, often thanking ESS for saving their eyesight and even their lives.  Below is a sampling of the feedback that we receive from the field.

"I got a pair of the photochromic safety glasses from ESS was excited to use them at a recent vehicle extrication class I taught. Being photochromic, I was unsure how well they would adapt to changing lighting conditions. These glasses far exceeded my expectations - both with light sensitivity (light to dark & dark to light) and comfort.

Having to wear them for eight hours a day, for multiple days, I noticed they were just as comfortable as any sunglasses I have ever owned.Emergency Service Responders truly appreciate the quality and safety oriented products your company produces." Craig Aberbach, CFO Fire Chief Hailey, ID

"Dear ESS,

I was in training at a demo range and went down range to
proof a shot. Something had not gone to plan and when I got
down range a secondary det occurred right in front of me.
That det was about 2.5 pounds of C4. It was five to ten feet
in front of me when it went off. When the blast wave hit me
it threw rocks and debris straight at me. I was wearing ESS
CDI eye pro and I didn't get anything in my eyes. The blast
blew out one of my ear drums but thank God, and ESS, my eyes were alright.

There were a few chips in the lenses of my CDI's but they held up to the blast outstandingly. You and your team at ESS have made a life-long supporter of your eye pro. You brand is my choice for life. Thank you for your attention to detail while making your world famous eye pro. I wore your eye pro all through my tour in Afghanistan but never was as close to a blast as this one out in the open. You all are the reason I can still see my granddaughter's beautiful face, thank you.

Keep up the GREAT work, the defenders of freedom depend on you and the ESS team.


Tom Harrold, Sgt Army National Guard
" Sgt. Tom Harrold

"Just wanted to give you and your product a thank you. I am a retired police Sgt. and a current law enforcement firearms instructor. The other day during a rifle class (AR platform) I inadvertently (stupid error on my part) walked up on the right side of a shooter while he was firing. I was pretty close trying to correct his trigger press and grip manipulation. In the process he fired the weapon and I got hit directly in the glasses with a fired 5.56 casing.

The glasses were your ESS Crossbows. I was within about 12 inches of the ejection port. The glasses only sustained a minor mark on them and you actually have to look really close to even see that. The glasses did everything that they were suppose to. Thanks again. Stay safe Dwight" Dwight L. Mumper Retired Sgt. Montgomery County Police, Montgomery County, Md.

"Dear ESS, I am a member of our regional USAR Task Force and have been using my ESS X-Tricator goggles for over a year. These are the best goggles I've ever used--durable, lightweight, and very comfortable. These goggles have held up superbly to the rigors of structural collapse, confined space, trench, and vehicle extrication situations. I have been using the same tear-off lens cover since I bought my goggles. Whenever the tear-off gets wet, muddy, or oily, I just clean and dry it with no loss of visibility." Jeffrey McDonough, FF/Paramedic, USAR Rescue Tech, Cincinnati, OH

"Dear ESS,
As a Rifle Platoon Sergeant in Southern Afghanistan, I harped on wearing all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while on patrol. My entire platoon was equipped with one of your latest products: the ESS Crossbow. I had no idea this emphasis on PPE would save my vision, and the vision of several of my Soldiers. On 07 July 2012, while conducting dismounted offensive operations my platoon took several casualties as a result of an IED blast. My Weapons Squad Leader received shrapnel wounds to his face, in all areas except those protected by his ESS glasses. Undoubtedly his vision was saved by your clearly superior product. Additionally, on 07 October 2012 I was walking in the lead of our formation, clearing our route to our objective. While kneeling and interrogating a possible IED location, the IED was triggered, and sent the majority of the blast towards my torso and head. Despite the relative proximity to the blast I only received minor facial wounds. I owe my eyesight to your product, as the ESS Crossbows I wore took the majority of sand, shrapnel, and debris. Thank you for protecting my platoon and I, and all other warfighters serving our country.

Note from ESS: To read more about PSG Rogne, aka 'The IED Whisperer,' see this article in The Seattle Times." PSG Kelly Rogne

"On October 24th, we were called to a building fire in an old wooden train garage. The fire started below the floor, which was made of large heavy timbers approximately 6" thick. To get to the fire we had to cut the floor apart. My LT and I each had a chainsaw and were cutting the floor apart, when one of us struck a piece of metal in the floor. We were both peppered with metal fragments on our faces, but my ESS glasses took the brunt of the force. We both had numerous cuts around our eyes but nothing penetrated the glasses and reached my eyes. If it wasn't for the ESS glasses I was wearing I believe I would have had eye damage.
Thank you!" Gary Perkowski, Manchester NH Fire Dept.

"I would like to send you this letter stating how effective your Innerzone goggles have been to me. Last December, our department responded to a fully involved structural fire in which I was on the initial attack and search for two victims trapped inside. The heat was much more intense than other fires I have been in. Afterwards, upon inspecting my gear, I noticed that the goggles were in great shape after being unprotected on my helmet through this situation.
We were recently dispatched to an auto accident where we had to extricate a victim from one of the vehicles. Our pressurized hydraulic line to the tool ruptured, and I thank my ESS goggles for protecting my eyesight and allowing me to continue working, even though I was covered in hydraulic fluid.
Once again, these goggles have proven to me that they are effective and durable. Our whole department now uses ESS Goggles! Thank you!" Travis Anderson, Firefighter/EMT, Enon Fire Department, OH

"I am writing to show and tell you of the in-field performance of the fantastic protective eyewear ESS has developed. The attached photos were taken before and after a sniper attack outside of Mosul, Iraq, on July 3, 2006.
I was positioned in the right rear hatch of my rolling Stryker when a sniper that had claimed the life of a fellow soldier and good friend three days prior struck again. This time, the sniper's bullet hit my gun mount and continued on to fragment and splatter on the right lens of my ESS CDI sunglasses.
While I was knocked down with the impact of the bullet, I suffered only minor injuries to my head and was back in action within the week. As strong testimony to the physical toughness of the CDI glasses, after the sniper attack I simply replaced the fractured lenses and continued to wear the glasses in combat for the remaining five months of duty in Baghdad. The frames were dinged a bit, but still functioned as new, even after taking a hit from a 7.62 sniper round.
Many thanks to your product development department and all of those associated with making these fine products available to our brave young men and women that continue to fight the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan." Sgt. Ross Shores, 172nd Stryker Brigade, 562nd Eng. Co

"I have to write to say what a great pair of goggles you have come up with. I was recently on a small brush fire and I was wearing my new ESS Wildland goggles for the second time. It was a quick-moving fire, and we were second or third in, so we were into the smoke pretty good. My eyes were clear and happy because of my new goggles. A captain from another engine who was rubbing his eyes under his sunglasses asked me, 'How are those new goggles?' I said, 'Great. My eyes don't hurt a bit.' As a matter of fact, because of the great fit, no smoke even made into my eyes. Our department issues the old tanker goggle from WWII, which doesn't seal around your eyes, is very uncomfortable, and warps during the off-season. Thanks--I hope more firefighters out there discover your great product." Michael Tyree, Firefighter, Orange County Fire Authority, CA

"Dear ESS, As the Safety Officer and Protective Clothing Manager, I have been issuing ESS goggles for over four years. In fact, Metro Fire Sacramento has almost 1,300 pairs of ESS goggles in service. I have found the ESS goggle to be the best eye protection product available. Period. We appreciate your development of a great product and your commitment to firefighter safety and primary eye protection. Incorporating ESS goggles has been a benefit to our personnel and a 100% positive experience. I strongly recommend the use of ESS goggles to any fire department." Captain Michael McKenna, Safety Officer, Metro Fire Sacramento

"Dear ESS, On deployment in 2012, my vehicle was struck with an IED while performing route clearance in Afghanistan. The IED flipped my vehicle, knocking me unconscious and launching my rifle into my face. My cheek, nose, and eye socket were shattered from the impact, but my eye was saved from the ESS Crossbow I was wearing. When I put a pair of Crossbows back on, you can clearly see where I would have lost my eye if I wasn't wearing them." SSG Pronzati

"We switched to your Innerzone II goggles from a flip down full-face shield. Everyone loves the goggles; there's no need to carry safety glasses for auto extrication or other non-SCBA work, no lost safety glasses, etc. Thanks!" Vincent M. Rovnak, Lake Erie Beach VFC

"I was at a shooting range last fall trying out a new rifle. I was wearing CDI Max glasses. I had an out of battery discharge/overpressure in an AR15 which blew the extractor and bolt apart as well as destroyed the magazine and upper receiver. After I checked all my fingers I pulled off my glasses to get a closer look at the damage. There was a huge gouge in the right lens from some piece of shrapnel that was headed toward my eye. I can't thank ESS enough for making such a great product which has saved my vision. I replaced the lens and am still wearing the same pair of glasses. My eyes are no more important than anyone else's but I'm an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon and perform microsurgery for a living. I won't wear any other glasses.
With sincere thanks," Dr. Tom Hamilton, Tulsa, OK

"The story behind my ESS goggles is as follows:On 07 April 2003, 1430hrs vic. Baghdad (obj. MOE), our vehicle took a direct hit from an overlooked RPG team to our left flank, destroying our TOW missile launcher and my Bradley commander's hatch. I was hit in my neck, left shoulder and face with shrapnel, but thanks to my ESS goggles, my eyesight is still intact and no shrapnel penetrated my ESS goggle lenses at all. These goggles still have the shrapnel in the lens! I fought through the shrapnel and continued to bring the fight to the enemy. I believe that if the shrapnel would have hit my eyes that would have taken me and my crew out of a serious and historical fight that helped in the fall of the Saddam regime. Thank You Very Much for your wonderful product! I'm a believer in your product, protecting eyes ONE BATTLE AT A TIME." SFC Morales, Aco 3rd BN 15th IN

"To Whom it may concern,
I am currently stationed at Camp Arifjan. I had two different pair of [CDI] lenses when I bought them. I had one pair of the lenses get cracked by rocks spraying everywhere due to an I.E.D going off, and the second pair of lenses get cracked by scrap metal fragments from a truck exploding. They saved my eyes not once but twice! Thanks Again For a Great Pair of Sunglasses.

" Mike Laseur, 180th Trans BN

"The following is my story of how I became a believer in your company?s products:
I was the Platoon Sergeant for fourth Platoon, Small Craft Company, 2d Marine Division deployed to Iraq. I credit your company?s product as the sole reason why I still have my eyesight and possibly even my life today.
On January 1, 2005 one of my sections of Small Unit Riverine Craft was ambushed while conducting a routine patrol in the vicinity of Haditha Iraq. I was the Leader of the Quick Reaction Force that responded to the call for re-enforcement. We moved north of the ambush area, and the signs that the enemy had taken casualties were numerous. They had set a second ambush anticipating our return. The enemy engaged my patrol with a command detonated IED and proceeded to pin down the main force with large volumes of machine gun fire and RPG rockets fired in volley. It was one of these rockets that ultimately wounded me. The impact of the RPG detonated approximately 18 inches from me. Because I had been using a brick and concrete pump house as cover very little of my body was exposed. Only my right arm and a very small portion of my head were past the edge of my cover. The shrapnel from the rocket mangled my right arm breaking the bone causing a large flesh wound and severing several tendons. Thankfully it was not more than that. The ESS Goggles I was wearing took a grazing impact from another piece of shrapnel that carved a 3 inch trench directly across the Polycarbonate lens. Had I not been wearing ESS I may very well not be alive today because the goggles were there to protect me. I honestly feel that shrapnel would have continued on its original course and been embedded somewhere in my head ultimately killing me. I am a true believer in ESS Goggles! Thank you for making a superior product with the customers needs in mind. Your company is a life saver in the most literal sense.
Semper Fidelis" Gunnery Sergeant Brian A. Vinciguerra, Small Craft USMC

"The incident in question took place during a certification shoot at Shugart/Gordon. I was engaged as squad leader O/C, working with the 39th Inf. Walking out of the building I noticed a couple of O/C standing at the 2 burned out cars in the middle of the road. At the same time I saw smoke coming from one of the cars. I knew it was a grenade simulator. As I was turning away, I heard a load bang. Within a second I was lying face down. I was hit, by what I found out later to be a 4'x3' piece of the car door. Upon reflection I realize and truly believe what prevented further damage to my face, head and my brain and quite possibly saved my life was the protective equipment I was wearing at the time. Namely the helmet and the ESS glasses. We are issued them and wear them to protect us and I feel this incident is the perfect example to the positive. Without them the situation could have been worse and the outcome graver. Thank you for making such a great product!" ? SSG Ted Maust

""I had my (ESS) goggles over my eyes when the IED went off," explained Lance Cpl. James R. Yakubsin. "I was thrown against my radio in the vehicle and some shrapnel hit my goggles. If I hadn't been wearing those, I wouldn't have my eyesight now," added the Gainsville, Fla. Marine. [Excerpt from the U.S. Marines article, Protective Gear Proves Itself Again and Again, submitted by Cpl. Shawn C. Rhodes of the 1st Marine Division, Story Identification #: 2004419105032.]" Lance Cpl. Yakubsin

"I would like to thank all those at ESS Eye Pro for saving my eyesight. On my last deployment to Hawijah, Iraq, I was wearing your ESS goggles as a gunner in my convoy when a RKG-3 (grenade) struck my truck. I was knocked unconscious and when I regained consciousness I had received shrapnel in my face and eyepro. ESS saved my eyesight and possibly my life. Thank You to all that make these items the number 1 brand for the military." SGT Brandon K. Brown

"I have been a Marine Corps officer for the past 10 years. During that time I have seen your glasses and goggles do some amazing things. During my second Iraq deployment I lived along the Iraq-Syria border with a small team of Marines training the Iraqi Border Patrol. At no point did any of our team do anything without ESS eye-pro. We recognized the stakes were extremely high as we were one of the most isolated units in the country, far from any Coalition assistance. I wore the ICE eyeshields daily (for comfort as well as protection). The Striker goggles definitely saved my eyes during our many patrols. I was particularly impressed that I never had a problem with the lenses fogging, even while sweating buckets in the desert heat.
I believe the biggest benefit your glasses and goggles provide is not the fact that it saves peoples' eyes when things are flying through the air. I believe your products actually save peoples' LIVES because they are not incapacitated by their inability to see. In short, people can continue shooting, moving, and communicating... they can continue FIGHTING!
Additionally, a friend of mine was recently injured at a civilian shooting range when his pistol misfired and the explosion embedded a shell casing into his abdomen area. He had some internal damage and hand injuries but nothing serious. I asked him if he was wearing eye-pro and he told me the ESS glasses definitely saved his eyesight--there was a deep shrapnel scrape directly across the front of the glasses that would have taken his eye, maybe even both of them.
Through 2 deployments to Iraq, countless training exercises, and simply moving around each day, I have become a raving fan of your products. If there is anything I can ever do to help repay you for saving my eyes, my friends' eyes, and the eyes of countless other service members, please just say the word!
Thank you," Justin Farrar, Captain, USMC

"I am overseas in OEF, but wanted to share with you my positive experience with your new Crossbow eyeshields. I have tested these in 111 deg temperatures in the deserts of Jordan to below freezing (at night) in the mountains of Afghanistan. The Crossbows performed even better than expected-they are hands down the best eye pro I've worn since being assigned to special operations. The lenses provide a lot of coverage and give you full peripheral use. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, even under Peltors. The optics are just as great in the morning twilight as they are at high noon. Most guys end up taking off their eye pro halfway through a mission because of fogging, but the Crossbows held up like a champ. I have never managed to fog up the lenses, which is something ESS should be proud of, since I have fogged all other eyewear that I have ever tried. Even when dropping down a pair of NVG's after working up a sweat, fogging was not a problem at all. You guys have really hit the mark with these. The Crossbows are the only eye pro I can wear anymore. Thank you for making such a great product!" SFC Special Operations, U.S. Army

"I wanted to thank your for your Advancer V-12 goggles. They are GREAT! So far we have used them for Military Free Fall, Shooting on the range, Close Quarters Combat, and Mounted Vehicle Operations. The goggles have been SUPERB! They are hands down the best ones I have ever used and are much more versatile than any others I have seen! Just wanted to let you know that we enjoy your product and look forward to seeing what other things your company develops in the future!" HM1 (SEAL)

"Dear ESS,
My name is SSgt Solomon, I am a Marine from 29 Palms, California. I was in Iraq when I purchased the ESS CDI sunglasses. The glasses saved my eyesight. We were going down one of the main highways from Ramadi to Fallujah when an IED blew up next to my LAV25. I was engulfed in flames. I received shrapnel to the arms and face. The CDI smoke gray lenses have burnt spots where either hot metal or tar hit. I wish I had pictures; we had no time--we got into a firefight just after I was hit by the IED.
Thank you for making a good product, the glasses protected my baby blues." SSgt Solomon G. G.

"I have used the Profile TurboFan goggles for the last four plus years as a member of the SWAT team in North Las Vegas, Nevada. In December 2010, while serving a search warrant for narcotics, I deployed a diversionary device through a window. The device discharged, and broken glass from the window was blown back towards me. The force from the device caused a piece of glass to gouge the lens of my ESS TurboFan goggles. Another piece of glass struck my face above my lip that later needed four stitches. I truly believe that if I was not wearing the ESS Profile TurboFan goggles, I would have sustained a serious injury to my left eye. Thanks again, ESS, for providing top quality products!" Paul Maalouf, North Las Vegas PD, Special Operations Division

"My convoy was traveling back to our COP. I was the gunner in the rear truck of the convoy, when suddenly I heard an explosion followed by the sensation of falling. When I opened my eyes, I was half sitting where my gunner's stand had been. My goggles where no longer on my face, my left knee hurt and I was bleeding from my right eyebrow. I noticed that my rifle was missing and I started to whiteout. Once that was over, I noticing my rhino mount was gone, my helmet light was missing, and I found my goggles on the back of my ACH. The medics sat me against a wall, and I noticed the whole front end of the truck was missing. 50 meters in front of the truck sat the radiator. The entire engine was behind the truck (which went over my head) and the tires were blown 100 yards into a field. Against the wall, I checked my goggles. They were covered in the same dirt-oil mix I was covered in, and the front of the lens had a bunch of really bad scuff/scratch marks. I had no vision during the explosion, but figure that I had bounced my face off of my M240B.
My medic took this picture about 10 minutes after the blast. Note the outline of where the goggles pressed into my face. I just want to thank ESS for making a good product that saved not only my face, but my vision too." Shane Osterman, U.S. Army

"Dear ESS,
Today I have officially become an advocate of eye protection. Earlier today I was working in the back of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle in Iraq while wearing my ESS Ice eye protection with prescription inserts. I was working near the turret shield door with my face about six inches from the nozzle of the halon system when it was accidentally set off. The halon exploded into the right side of my face with what I'm told is about 900 pounds of force. It left chemical burns on my face and I couldn't hear out of my right ear for about 45 minutes. My ESS ICE glasses were blown into pieces and clear off my face but they did their job. After flushing the chemical out of my eye I was seeing just fine and no permanent damage was done. Without those glasses I probably would have been medevaced and maybe lost my eye. Thank you for making high quality eye protection, I will continue to use your products in the future." PFC J. Granzow, U.S. Army

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love and appreciate your eye pro. On the 16th of November, 2009, we were on patrol just outside of Mosul, Iraq, when my platoon and I came under attack. One of the grenades hit about 10 feet from my position and I was engulfed in smoke, flames and shrapnel. I was hit all throughout my face, neck, arms and legs. One of my only serious injuries would have been to my right eye, but fortunately because of my ESS CDI glasses, that piece of shrapnel hit my lens and deflected off into my forehead instead. It left a hell of a gash in my forehead and a scuff on my lens, but your glasses saved my eye, no questions asked. I really appreciate the quality of your product, and I will never wear another brand of eye pro. Thank you!" SPC, US Army

"Dear Sir,
I thought you might like to hear that your product saved my vision tonight. I was shooting a semi-automatic pistol at an indoor range while wearing a pair of ICE glasses when I experienced a case detonation. Smoke, blast forces, fragmentation...bummer! I used a cloth to remove what I thought were powder flakes from the lenses. I noticed that both lenses were scored by high-speed primer and/or cartridge case. Scored but NOT penetrated (or even close may I add). Had I not been wearing my ICE glasses, I am convinced I'd be blind right now. So please accept my thanks for an excellent product.
Best wishes," William Aprill, New Orleans

"I am writing to express my thanks for your product and the obvious care and time that has went into the development of your goggles. My team was involved in operations in southern Iraq. The Humvee that I was gunning encountered an IED of unknown size, (an approximately 155mm artillery shell). The IED exploded ten feet from the vehicle. I sustained numerous injuries but none to my eyes or the area surrounding my eyes due to your goggles. The area of my face outside the goggles sustained heavy fragment and rock punctures. The lenses on my goggles sustained large scratches but no penetration of the lenses at all. I am writing to express my thanks and to keep up the good work. If it wasn't for your goggles I would not have my eyesight today and possibly my life.
Thank you," SSG

"I purchased the ESS FLYBY sunglasses in the Baghdad PX and these sunglasses are the best sunglasses I have ever worn.
As you know, the sun and dust here is brutal. I wear contact lenses and these glasses provide very good protection under these conditions here.
Thank You!" Lee R. Thrasher

"Dear ESS,
On Jan 11, 2007, I was conducting a blocking position in Iraq. I had removed my ESS CDI Sunglasses so that I could look through binoculars. The glasses were hanging around my neck by the strap when a sniper approximately 400 meters from our position shot me in the neck. The bullet struck the frame of the CDI glasses first and deflected away from my neck. Instead of entering at the neck and going into my torso, the bullet traveled down the outside between my back and my body armor leaving only minor wounds. It was a one in a million shot, and I know that God was watching out for me that day. Needless to say, I appreciate your protective sunglasses very much.
Sincerely," SGT Anthony Erskine

"I wanted to write and thank you for such an amazing product. Before my husband's deployment he found the "Advancer" system and told me how great he thought it looked. Shortly after he left I made the purchase as part of a package to surprise him. He loved them!! All the "little things" made a huge difference in his job as a gunner. Little did I know, he was going to be putting those goggles to the test just a few short weeks later. His truck was involved in an explosion and the goggles took a direct hit. His left lens received 4 pieces of shrapnel, but the only injuries he sustained on his face were outside the scope of the goggles. Thank you for saving my husband's eyes as well as those of so many other soldiers. You are not only providing a good product, but you are providing such a service to our country by making sure our men have a product they can trust such a valuable career necessity to. You have earned yourself a loyal customer. Thanks again." SPC and Mrs. Ryan Shaul

"We have tested the Eye Safety Systems goggles and are particularly impressed with the ESS Striker TurboFan. Its durability, reliability, function, and performance have proven to be a top choice for our trainees who work on S.W.A.T. teams. For those of us who must work in inclement weather-from humid, hot days and nights to frozen tundra in upstate NY winters-fogged eye systems are an intrinsic problem, one which you have answered. Form, function, and fit come together in you system and allow vision to be clearer and eyes to be protected." Ken Cooper, Director, Tactical Handgun Training of NY, Inc.

"To whom it may concern: While stationed in Iraq I purchased a pair of High Adrenaline Recon sunglasses. On March 12, 2005 my vehicle was struck by an IED. I received some shrapnel wounds to my hand. Thankfully your sunglasses held true and deflected the shrapnel meant for my eyes. I really enjoy your sunglasses! Thank you!" Sean Brooks, HM1

"Dear Sir or Ma'am,
I am COLT (Combat Observation Lazing Team) Platoon Leader for D Co 1-8 CAV, 1st Cavalry Division currently stationed in the Al-Rashid district of Southern Baghdad. I have personally been IED'd twice and been in several gun battles. I am emailing you because of my disgust with [competitor]. These goggles fog up and the lenses are garbage just waiting to be scratched. I have used your ESS goggles for 2 years now on countless air assault missions and now in country and have been made a believer. Thanks for the great gear!" 1LT Carson Spear, COLT Platoon Leader

"Dear ESS:
I just wanted to say "Thanks" for a good product that served me well during my time in the Gulf, and for the excellent customer service. I will be strongly recommending your products to my Marines if/when we end up deploying again. Your gear works as promised, a nice change from most over-hyped equipment. And, your response to my inquiry about buying new lenses for my goggles was simply excellent customer care.
Thanks again," Sgt Sean Bell, USMCR

"My name is SFC Smith. I am in the US Army in Iraq, and was recently hit by an IED. Had I not been wearing my ICE 2.4 I very well might have lost an eye. Thank you for the great product." SFC Smith

"We have been using the ESS Flight Deck goggles for 6 weeks now, in weather conditions ranging from the mild temperatures and low humidity of Southern California to the high humidity/rain and high temperatures we have experienced during the last three weeks while operating in the Japan/Korea area. The goggles have received a resounding "thumbs up" for their improved comfort, field of vision, clarity, and durability." LCDR (CVW-2)

"Dear ESS,
I am writing this letter to inform and thank you for the high quality of your eyewear. I am currently stationed in the Middle East as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am the gunner on top of our HMMV and quality eye protection is of the utmost highest regard among us. A few days ago, I had a malfunction on my M2 caliber .50 machine gun. A round cooked off and exploded in the bolt assembly. Due to the placement of my head most of the explosion was taken by the eye protection on my face. If not for the ESS glasses that I was wearing at the time, I would have lost my eyesight indefinitely. The only damage that occurred was a few small cuts on my face. Thank you." SPC Jared Frenke

"As you know, the Division got the Profile NVG Goggles. They have worked great! They work + Soldiers like them = They are worn! Appreciate it." LTC, 101st Airborne

"I am a deployed U.S. soldier with the 656 Trans Co. I was issued ESS goggles and I must say these goggles are far superior to previous models I have used in my military service. Thanks for making a great product!" SSG, 544 MB BM


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